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Main Features
The machine adopts speed-adjusted ,users can choose ironing speed according Io different fabrics and pressed conditions.
Using pressure steam cylinder or infrared quartz tube .to heat drum surface .high heating eddiciency.
The machine adopts stroter to make the gear running down .with high speed rate , high efficirncy over-loading ability and low loise.
Driving by chiains ,that can bear a very heavy loading.
Using wide conveyer belt for the cylinder ,adopts rotary connections for sealing to avoid the flowing phenomenon during the period transmission.
Each cylinder posses different speeds , which makes the efficiency better.
The steam input of the cylinder adopts rotary connections for sealing to avoid steam leaking , with longer life.
We have succssfully developed four , five and six cylinders ironing machine , customers could updrating the ironing machine according to your requirements.
Steam heated or electric ones are available.

Type Overall dimensions
Roller dimension(mm)and quantity Moto power
Electric heating power(kw) Rotate speed(m/min) Steam pressure
YPAI-1800 280014001500 8001800/1 0.75 18 0-7 0.4-0.6 Electric & steam type
YPAI-2500 350014001500 8002500/1 0.75 24 0-7 0.4-0.6
YPAI-2800 380014001500 8002800/1 0.75 30 0-7 0.4-0.6
YPAI-3000D 396014001500 8002800/1 0.75 36 0-7 -
YPAII-2800D 376024001500 8002800/2 1.5 72 0-20 -
YPAII-3000 400024001500 8003000/2 1.5 - 0-20 0.4-0.6
YPAIII-3000 410034001500 8003000/3 2.2 - 0-20 0.4-0.6
YPAI-2800M 376020001700 11662800/1 1.1 - 0-7 - Wood-buring type with blower


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